First-Time Home Buyers in California Have Hope!

People say that no one can buy their first home in Southern California, but I just closed on a $462,000 home for a young couple with just $3,500 out of pocket. He is a truck mechanic and she is a phlebotomist – not wealthy, and their parents couldn’t help them. That is just one example of the many I’ve worked with who were able to buy a home in the greater Los Angeles area.

While it’s true that they must have decent credit and steady employment to qualify as a worthy credit risk, I have found that there are a variety of programs available. But, they pose extra time and work for the lender, as well as for the real estate agent, both of whom can make the same, or more money, by working with a qualified client without the extra hassle of jumping through hoops to help them qualify for the additional assistance.

Let me know in the comment box below if there was a special program that helped you if you already bought a home for the first time with help.

Nevertheless, if you want to buy your first home, talk to a trusted Realtor®. He or she will help you on the right path to home ownership and all the wonderful benefits it has to offer. There are many programs that can help, and a knowledgeable lender can match the one that best fits your needs, from federal to state to even city-specific programs, as well as charitable programs through churches and other non-profit organizations. LA Curbed has written an article on this very subject and has listed some of the more prominent programs. Click here to see the article.

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