Mortgage Rates Hit Bottom, The Wait Is Over

Your needs may have nothing to do with what some blogger on a mission might have to say, or some automated real estate website might have for the national masses. Usually the information needed should be local, moreso even than the state level. Yes, even in Rhode Island, and certainly in California. Southern California has several differing market areas, so what you hear on the national news or for the entire state may have no relevance to your area of interest. It matters and it comes up a lot. Newspapers are a good source, as long as you can discriminate the area that is being covered. If a national story is picked up, then the relevance may be gone. Trade magazines can be helpful, but are usually issued once a month. Real estate blogging websites can be good if the author is specific, sources his/her information and is consistent (in the article as well as in the way various blogs are produced). Truly it is important to discuss this with your realtor and lender. While they too are inundated with this informaiton, and some are overwhelmed, most know how to filter through it. And for you, their client, they form a team for a reason, and that reason goes beyond “closing the deal.” They should demonstrate their commitment to educating you. They can do so directly with you and recommend which outside sources of information are best for your needs. Your housing goal or investment is what matters, and all the information you can get that is directly related to that is what counts. Otherwise you can feel buried in hype, trivia, non-related “important” information sprinkled with morsels of what you are looking for.
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