New School?

Do you ever wonder about a particular school in a district? Like what’s  going on there? If your child attends there you can feel like you know  even less! And if you are moving there how do you find out? They have  ratings systems you can look at, all with dry statistics. But there is a  source…In 2000 publisher Kay Coop founded a newspaper from and about schools in  an ever growing number of school districts so that parents could find  out about the schools and so schools would have a voice to talk about  what they are doing. Broadcast news won’t cover it, unless it’s  something sensationalist (or a high school football game) and the same  goes for newspapers.  If you want to know about your school, or  potential school, this free newspaper is the only source for a more complete picture of what’s going on.

Read it from the source:  School News Roll Call.

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