What Can One Realtor Do?

How low can our society go? Here we have a veteran, homeless and seemingly hopeless. He is offered help in the form of $5 or $10 if he will fight other homeless people… ON FILM. And the violence escalates, all for a few bucks, while the sick producers of the series “Bumfights” make $20 an episode. This is  how we treat the least among us? A realtor breaks the stereotype A realtor who owns apartments found this “bum,” a fellow human being whose name is Rufus Hannah. He found him dumpster diving in back of one of his units. Our realtor, Barry Soper, offered Rufus part-time work and in time Rufus became property manager for Mr. Soper. Now he works full time and he goes to help his fellow vets, the very ones who were willing to sacrifice so much for us. Those ones who came back broken and need us.

But this ungrateful nation let them be on the streets without help. Not Barry Soper. He saw a fellow human in need and did the right thing. Rufus’ story is becoming famous and a book has been written. Soon a movie will be in the works, and both gentlemen will be richly rewarded; the former for a good deed, the latter to continue the good work. Barry Soper took a chance. He leveraged his own position of advantage in order to help Rufus Hannah get the footing in order to do the hard work and climb out of a deep hole. Now countless lives will be touched and improved, and our society will be better because of these two men. That’s what one realtor can do.

Here’s one version of the story.

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