Free Homes for Disabled Vets

Uplifting Hope But this article, picked up by AOL Real Estate, did it for me.  A home builder is donating 5 homes to disabled vets. This is an unbelievably hard time for home builders, probably more so than for any other sector in real estate, and as what I can only describe as a generous and grateful leap of faith Bluegreen Communities is doing just that. From a P.R. perspective it’s masterful, as no one else is doing it. Our beloved vets are all but forgotten, save in a parade or a school assembly. And if it is P.R., bring it on! I’ll give them all the publicity I can if the result is benefiting some of the most deserving among us. I encourage Ryland Homes, Pulte, Shae, KB Home, Meritage and all the rest to consider this type of move. Remember “Miracle of 34th Street:” give a little away and the results coming back will be abundant from a grateful and touched population. Americans are a generous and giving people, and a few examples like this could catch on in a big way, benefiting our vets and the society in which they reside. This is real estate at its very best. Read on in AOL Real Estate

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